Timeline: Attacks in Afghanistan on foreign targets

(BestGrowthStock) – Taliban suicide bombers launched a brazen pre-dawn attack on one of NATO’s biggest military bases in Afghanistan on Wednesday. One American contractor was killed and nine U.S. soldiers were wounded, officials said. Ten militants were also killed, the NATO-led force said.

The attack on the Bagram air base near Kabul came a day after a Taliban suicide car bomber attacked a NATO-led military convoy during rush hour in the Afghan capital, killing 12 Afghan civilians and six foreign troops, including five Americans.

Following is a timeline of attacks since 2008:

Jan 14, 2008 – Several Taliban gunmen storm the luxury Serena hotel near the presidential palace in a commando-style attack, killing six people, including a Norwegian journalist. The Norwegian foreign minister, staying at the hotel, is unhurt.

April 27 – President Hamid Karzai survives an assassination attempt while attending a military parade close to the presidential palace. Three civilians are killed as Taliban fighters fire guns and rockets at the official celebrations.

July 7 – A suicide car bomb outside the Indian Embassy kills 58. Scores are wounded in the biggest attack in the city since the war began in late 2001.

Oct 30 – Five people die after a suicide bomber blows himself up inside the Information Ministry, following a clash between insurgents and ministry guards. The Taliban says foreign advisers inside were the targets.

Nov 27 – A suicide attack on a convoy of foreign forces near the U.S. embassy kills four civilians.

Feb 1, 2009 – A Taliban suicide car bomber hits a convoy of foreign troops on Kabul’s western edge, wounding two Afghan civilians and slightly wounding a French soldier.

Feb 11 – A number of Taliban fighters, including suicide bombers, storm two government buildings, including the Justice Ministry, across from the presidential palace. More than 20 people are killed and nearly 50 wounded.

Aug 15 – A Taliban suicide bomber kills seven and wounds 90 in an attack outside the headquarters of the NATO-led force, near the U.S. embassy and government buildings.

Aug 18 – A rocket strikes the presidential palace and a second hits the city’s police headquarters, two days before the presidential election. No one is hurt.

Aug 19 – Several Taliban gunmen, including a suicide bomber, storm a bank and clash with police just south of the presidential palace. The gunmen are killed.

Sept 17 – Ten Afghan civilians and six Italian soldiers die in a massive suicide car bomb attack on a road between Kabul’s airport and the U.S. embassy.

Oct 8 – Seven Afghan civilians are killed and 45 wounded in a blast outside the Indian embassy.

Oct 28 – Five foreign U.N. staff are killed when militants attack a guest house used by foreigners. A rocket aimed at the presidential palace hits the Serena hotel.

Dec 15 – A suicide car bomber blows up his vehicle outside a former vice president’s home in the main diplomatic neighborhood, killing eight and wounding dozens.

Jan 18, 2010 – Attacks on multiple locations, including shopping malls and the central bank, kill at least four security forces and one civilian, and wound 38. Security officials say at least nine of the attackers are killed.

Feb 26 – Two suicide bombers detonate explosives near Kabul’s biggest shopping center and a hotel. At least 14 people are killed and 32 wounded. Four of the dead are Indians.

May 18 – Six Western soldiers, including five Americans, and 12 Afghan civilians are killed in a massive suicide car bomb attack on a NATO convoy near the derelict Darulaman palace. Nearly 50 people are wounded.

May 19 – Suicide bombers carrying rockets and grenades launch a brazen pre-dawn attack on Bagram, one of the biggest military bases of NATO in Afghanistan. At least 10 militants and an American contractor are killed and nine U.S. troops wounded.

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Source: Reuters

(Editing by Paul Tait)

Timeline: Attacks in Afghanistan on foreign targets