TIMELINE-Timetable for Britain’s parliamentary election

April 30 (BestGrowthStock) – Britain’s parliamentary election will
be held on May 6. [ID:nUKVOTES]

Following is a timeline of key dates (all times are GMT):

April 12 – Parliament was dissolved, marking the start of a
period when ministers and civil servants must ensure they do not
use their position for party political advantage.
April 15 – The first of three live televised debates between
Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Conservative leader David
Cameron and Nick Clegg, of the Liberal Democrats, was hosted by
the commercial network ITV. Clegg was declared the winner.

April 22 – Sky News hosted the second TV debate, focusing on
foreign affairs. Polls said either Clegg or Cameron won.

April 23 – Britain’s Office for National Statistics says
Britain’s gross domestic product increased by 0.2 percent in the
quarter, half the 0.4 percent rate forecast by analysts.

April 29 – Reuters/Ipsos MORI poll says 46 percent of voters
have yet to decide who will get their vote.

April 29 – Economists and financial analysts see a 65
percent chance or greater of a “hung parliament”, where no
single party has a majority, according to a Reuters poll.

April 29 – David Cameron wins the third and final TV debate
on Britain’s economy, according to snap polls.

May 5 – Reuters poll on sterling to be published. Sterling
(GBP=: ) has been sensitive to political developments, and polls
suggesting a “hung parliament” have put pressure on the pound.

May 6 – Polling day.

– Voting starts at 0600 and ends at 2100.

– An exit poll at 2100 will give the indication of who has
won the election. Broadcasters BBC, ITV and Sky will co-operate
for the first time to produce the survey. Its findings will be
reported within seconds of the polls closing.

– The first electoral districts could begin to declare
results from about 2145. The fastest at the last four elections
has been Sunderland South, northeast England. In 2005, it
declared at 2143. Although its boundaries have been redrawn
under the name Houghton and Sunderland South, it is favourite to
retain the honour, ahead of Sunderland Central, Rutherglen in
Scotland, Wrexham in north Wales and Belfast West, Northern

– 0200 to 0330: If past elections are any indicator, the
majority of districts will have announced their results during
this period.

– In 2005, Labour reached the level needed for a majority in
parliament at 0328. In 2001 it secured a majority by 0200.

May 7 – Declaration of election results from all 650
constituencies. Nearly all the districts will have announced
their winners by 0600.

– Twenty-two districts have chosen to begin counting ballot
papers on Friday morning rather holding the traditional
overnight count.

– Remote areas or those needing recounts may not declare
until later on Friday.
May 18 – The new parliament will gather for the first time.

May 25 – Parliament formally opened and the new government’s
legislative programme will be presented in Queen Elizabeth’s
speech, written for her by the governing party.

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TIMELINE-Timetable for Britain’s parliamentary election