Top 5 Best Altcoins To Check Out in 2020

2019 has been a quite remarkable year for the crypto and blockchain industry, particularly in terms of the number of new products introduced into the market and the increasing maturity of the tech. The trend is expected to continue in 2020, which means it’s a good time to start planning for your crypto investment options.

Here, we show you five best altcoins to consider if you’re thinking of making serious investments in cryptocurrencies in 2020. In compiling this list, we considered a couple of crucial factors like the current market capitalization and daily trading volume of each coin as well as retailer acceptance. The idea is to ensure you’re investing in a crypto form you can exchange easily and one with high value. Remember to also check out Crypto Head for more information on the best coins to invest in as well as trusted exchanges to use for your crypto transactions.

Ready? Let’s dive straight in!

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

If you’re looking to invest in the long-term and hoping to trade what could potentially turn out to be the next bitcoin, then we highly recommend the BAT project. The concept behind the working of this altcoin is fantastic. For starters, BAT is primarily meant to connect publishers and advertising in a move that will see intermediaries and their commissions excluded from the equation. The coin is backed by deep-pocketed and highly-networked individuals and companies, including the co-founder of Mozilla, creator of JavaScript, Foundation Capital, and Pantera Capital, among others.

To buy BAT, you will first need to buy BTC on your preferred exchange and transfer it to platforms where this altcoin is exchanged. A few good options available for you are Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex.


Launched in early 2018, Ravecoin is among the youngest altcoins today, but one with a positive future and well worth the attention it’s receiving now. The crypto, which is a fork of Bitcoin, works in many ways like its more successful predecessor in the sense that it’s completely decentralized and seeks to make direct payments possible.

The brains behind Ravecoin include Bruce Fenton and Tron Black. Bruce boasts vast industry experience in the traditional finance sector and is also known as among the earliest advocates of Bitcoin. On the other hand, Tron is a lead developer of this altcoin and is heavily involved in its day-to-day management and promotion. The process of buying Ravecoin is pretty similar to the one we just explained earlier for BAT.


Started in 2013, Ethereum is the only crypto that experts believe has the potential to surpass the Bitcoin market cap soon. The coin, which has been growing consistently in the past few years, allows you to create smart contracts that are immune to censorship, fraud, downtime, and third-party interference. The high degree of adoption and the increasing popularity of Ethereum means it won’t come cheap like most other coins in this list. But if you can afford it, then we highly encourage you to invest in ETH. It has already grown several hundred folds over the past few months, and the potential to continue with this trend in 2020 is there for all to see.


Monero is one of the few truly anonymous altcoins today whose growth is mainly attributed to its increasing popularity in the darknet/black market. The open-source crypto, which was launched in 2014, seeks to fill a gap that Bitcoin hasn’t managed yet – obscuring the trail of transactions made by users. When trading with Bitcoin, all your transactions can be seen by the public while the person you’re transacting with can see any payments you’ve sent or received. Monero fixes this issue by mixing your coins with others to make it practically impossible for anyone to track your transactions. The currency has been performing quite well in the markets lately, and we expect it to do even better in 2020.

Elrond (ERD)

Elrond is a fairly new altcoin that has recently forged a partnership with Binance, one of the world’s most popular crypto exchanges today. That alone has seen this coin receive a ton of attention which is obviously good for its publicity and value growth.

Elrond aims to become the face of the borderless and permission-less internet economy and has put in place several innovative practices to enable it achieve this goal. While its market cap and total supply is still quite limited at this point, there have been enough signs to indicate a promising upward trend in 2020. Take a chance on this crypto, and hopefully, you’ll have something to smile about at the end of the year. After all, the coin is selling at a meager price currently which means you’ve got very little to lose really.

Which other altcoins are you eyeing in 2020? We’d love to hear your thoughts.