Top Tips for a Successful Interview

You’ve sent off your application and spent weeks worrying about hearing back from your dream job when finally you hear that you have been accepted for an interview! Now, you have a whole new lot of anxious tension and nerves to deal with. In fact, many people fall off the rails if they have been asked for an interview, allowing themselves to feel belittled or even by letting their nerves get the better of them. If you usually leave your interview and wish you had asked a question or told the recruiter about a specific experience, then now’s the time for you to learn some techniques and tips that will ensure you ace your next interview.

Practice makes perfect

Once you’ve been asked for an interview, it’s crucial that you take the time to prepare and practice at home. Make sure that you research about the company, its values and behaviors and company ethos and ethics. Next, you can start to read around the position that you are applying for and get a better understanding of just what you will be expected to do in your new role. Whether you are working as part of a team or managing several more junior employees, it’s essential that you know the position inside out. Now, you can begin to practice preparing your answers or phrases that you want to use to highlight your experience and skills. Do be prepared to listen to the recruiter, and enable them to interrupt you or else you may appear arrogant and cocky. If it is your second or third interview, you may even be required to discuss your salary expectations. Sites including higher salary can help you get a better idea of what you can ask for. Preparing will make you feel more confident on interview day.

First impressions count

Remember that first impressions do count, so it’s crucial that you dress to impress and make the right impression. You may be working with these people in the future, so you must come across as looking smart and professional. Invest in a suit if you don’t already own one, and stick to neutral tones which you can smarten up with bright accessories. Don’t forget to shine your shoes either!

Eye contact

Do you forget to retain eye contact when you are nervous, or perhaps you find it hard to look people in the eye? Remember, eye contact is key for a successful interview. You can practice this skill right away by trying to maintain better eye contact with your current boss and colleagues. Make sure that you don’t look at the floor, but keep your eyes firmly focused on the recruiters.

Preparing for an interview can be nerve-wracking, and it may even make you break out in a cold sweat. It’s key that you don’t let your anxiousness get the better of you. Research and practice at home, dress smartly and don’t forget to maintain eye contact if you want to get that dream job.