Trader.Online Review

“If you don’t think of a way to make money while you are sleeping, you will work until you die.” Many people opt for forex trading because of the multiple benefits they enjoy while placing transactions with brokers. Trading in the past was limited to banks and some institutions only, but with the introduction of new online brokers, trading has been more accessible. for instance, enables thousands of people to make use of its trading platform for effective gains.

 About Trader.Online

Established in the 2018, Trader.Online aims at satisfying customer needs by providing a user-friendly interface to make Forex trading easier. The company is based in the City of Sofia and its trading platform is provided by the world’s leading Fintech software provider, Tradologic, which is ideal for beginners as well as experts in the trading field.

Let us now have a look at the different features and benefits from using the Trader.Online platform:

 Financial Freedom

With zero commissions and unparalleled customer support, Trader.Online promises to assist you at every stage of the trading process. Trade at your own pace with them with different leverage from big to small size with a minimum investment amount of $25, depending on asset.

Anyone who wants to trade can easily access their platform any time and trade at their own convenience on the device of their choice – be it your mobile phone (Android or iOS), laptop or computer.

If you require any assistance while trading, you can always contact the Trader.Online team who claim that they can assist you 24/7 via phone, email or chat.

Believe in the fact that you are the master of your destiny while you are making any trading decisions, winning and losing are both part of this industry. With more practice, you can gain more confidence and you can thus start trading with the aim to achieve big; patience is crucial during this period.

Many risks are involved while trading, you should thus work on developing new strategies as rewards are greater than risks. Forex is one of the biggest markets where the rewards are greater  than any other place.

Access Global Assets

The website states that it has over 200 trading instruments, which include major currency pairs, world-famous stocks such as Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon and many more, global futures such as the S&P 500, Nasdaq composite, DOW and many more, commodities and cryptocurrencies, including the world trending Bitcoin and Ripple.

The website provides two types of trading tool – Forex Tool and Simplex. The Forex tool is said to be similar as the one provided by other forex brokers while the Simplex tool is designed to enable a smooth trading experience with. Level of risks can be selected while placing trades, along with Take Profit & Stop Loss amounts.

No complex steps! At first glance, the website seems very user-friendly, any visitor can easily understand the whole process from opening an account to placing the very first trade as it provides instructions on its website in the section called “Getting Started.” This section provides a detailed overview of how a person’s journey is going to be on the platform.


In terms of features, the website provides a live trading chart on its platform where users can easily check the exact price of any assets they wish. Live news feed is also seen trending on the platform and we believe it’s really commendable as this can provide some help to people who wish to get directions while placing trades.

Trader.Online also includes a Learning Academy section where investors or any user can receive online training on the very basics of Forex, technical indicators, risk management technique. These reading materials are basic and provided by a lot of brokers online. However, the way this website has presented this information is commendable, due to its simplicity which makes it easy for people of any field to learn Forex.

While comparing this website with other brokers, we find that this one uses SSL encryption on its platform, it operates under HTTPS web certificates, ensuring that data provided by users is safe and private. Regarding security, we would rate this broker as 4/5, keeping in mind the compliance documents that need to be provided before trading to ensure the security of clients data is maintained.

No limit on profits made

As a person starts trading on the website, he or she is free to place multiple transactions and enjoy successful trades. As any forex broker, Trader.Online also urge clients to make use of Leverage & list their Level of Risk while they are using any tools provided on the platform. Otherwise, trading Forex involves risks as well and may thus not be suitable for all types of investors. Clients should go through their Terms & Conditions before opening trades.