U.S. judge hears healthcare challenge, no ruling

PENSACOLA, Fla., Dec 16 (BestGrowthStock) – A Florida judge heard a
challenge by 20 U.S. states to the constitutionality of
President Barack Obama’s new healthcare law on Thursday but did
not immediately rule.

Following three hours of testimony, U.S. District Judge
Roger Vinson said the case included weighty issues that will
take some time to rule upon’

“I will make a decision as quickly as possible,” Vinson
said. “I cannot give you a date certain.”

The lawsuit claimed that the sweeping reform of the $2.5
trillion U.S. healthcare system, pushed through by Obama’s
fellow Democrats in the U.S. Congress after months of bitter
partisan wrangling, is unconstitutional in its requirement that
most Americans obtain medical insurance, and would force
massive new spending on hard-pressed state governments.

(Reporting by Michael Peltier; editing by Tom Brown)

U.S. judge hears healthcare challenge, no ruling