U.S. yuan critics are like cruel "Avatar" troops: report

BEIJING (BestGrowthStock) – First it was environmentalists and indigenous activists; now China’s beleaguered financial officials are being compared to the giant, blue-skinned heroes of the mega blockbuster film “Avatar.”

A commentary in the official China Daily, “Like the Na’vi, we’ll decide, thanks,” on Thursday blasted the critics of China’s currency policy, comparing them to the greedy corporation ripping apart the planet of Pandora in James Cameron’s 3-D epic.

“The sound and fury in the United States over China’s valuation of the yuan reminds me of nothing so much as a scene in Avatar in which the soldiers from Earth prepare to destroy the Tree of Souls on Pandora,” wrote commentator Li Xing.

She did concede, however, that the United States was not amassing troops.

“In Avatar, the aggressors who cry for ‘terror against terror’… are mostly soldiers. The coalition that is pressuring China to re-value its currency is more complex.”

Years of Washington’s complaints over what it says is an artificially undervalued yuan reached a higher pitch this week when the U.S. Senate introduced a widely supported bill threatening to slap duties on Chinese goods.

The comments have not been well received in China, where officials blame mismanagement in Washington and on Wall Street for the global economic crisis, and say the pressure on their currency is an effort to make others pay for U.S. mistakes.

“Like the Na’vis, China is in no mood to be bullied time and again by the very country that brought the world to the brink of economic ruin. China’s leaders and many economists believe the valuation of the yuan is a sovereign matter,” Li added.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao denied on Sunday that the yuan was undervalued, adding that his government opposed “politicizing” the issue.

“Like the invaders from Earth who are banished from Pandora…President Barack Obama should look for solutions to their problems at home,” the China Daily concluded.


(Editing by Ken Wills)

U.S. yuan critics are like cruel “Avatar” troops: report