UPDATE 1-Biden: U.S. budget to seek nuclear funds increase

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WASHINGTON, Jan 28 (BestGrowthStock) – Vice President Joe Biden
said President Barack Obama’s budget proposal will include $7
billion to maintain the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile, which
would be $600 million more than Congress approved last year.

In an opinion piece on the Wall Street Journal’s website on
Thursday, Biden also said the administration intended to boost
funding in that area by more than $5 billion over the next five

“Even in a time of tough budget decisions, these are
investments we must make for our security. We are committed to
working with Congress to ensure these budget increases are
approved,” Biden said.

Biden said the Obama administration had inherited a “steady
decline” in support for U.S. nuclear stockpiles and

“For almost a decade, our laboratories and facilities have
been underfunded and undervalued. The consequences of this
neglect — like the growing shortage of skilled nuclear
scientists and engineers and the aging of critical facilities
— have largely escaped public notice,” he wrote.

“The budget we will submit to Congress on Monday both
reverses this decline and enables us to implement the
president’s nuclear-security agenda.”

The Obama administration will publish its budget for fiscal
year 2011 on Monday Feb. 1. The proposal will include a budget
increase for nuclear issues while paring back other areas in an
effort to control record deficits.

Biden said those steps along with others to advance
nonproliferation were essential to “holding nations like North
Korea and Iran accountable when they break the rules, and
deterring others from trying to do so.”

(Reporting by Jeff Mason and Tabassum Zakaria; editing by
Todd Eastham)

UPDATE 1-Biden: U.S. budget to seek nuclear funds increase