UPDATE 1-Japan finds radioactive water leaking into the sea at nuclear plant

April 2 (Reuters) – The operator of Japan’s quake-stricken
nuclear plant said on Saturday it had found radioactive water
leaking into the sea from a cracked concrete pit at its No.2
reactor in Fukushima.

Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) officials said it
was possible that the crack may be the source of recent
radiation contamination in the sea off the northeast coast.

The radiation in the pit measured 1,000 millisieverts per
hour. It was not clear whether the water had come from the
reactor itself nor how much has been leaking from the pit into
the sea.

Hidehiko Nishiyama, deputy director-general of the Nuclear
and Industrial Safety Agency, told a separate news conference
that TEPCO was planning to pour concrete into the pit to seal
the crack.

“With radiation levels rising in the seawater near the
plant, we have been trying to confirm the reason why, and in
that context, this could be one source. We’re testing samples of
water from the pit and from the sea near the plant, and we can’t
really say for certain until we’ve studied the results,” he