US Stock Market Opinions and Analysis

Best Growth Stock – The global economic melt-down has taken a heavy toll on the markets of both US and Europe. On the one hand some companies have been able to fight the downward flow and make a considerable profit. But on the other some companies have failed to avoid inevitable losses.

Profit if Ricardo PLC is on a high. While last year there profit was an impressive 3.0 million, this year the profit has accumulated more than 1 million than last year. Thus their profit now stands at 4.6 million. Factors that have contributed to this landmark profit are increase its investment revenue, higher prices and constant cost saving undertakings. This is surely good news for the company’s shareholders since the company has decided to share its profit with them. The officials of the company have announced to give 3.4 pence extra to the interim dividends. The shareholders will enjoy the increased rate from April 6, 2011.

Ricardo Plc is not the only company to gain profit. Materials technology Company Cookson Group has been able to gather a huge profit this year. The officials announced on Tuesday that this year the company has made a pre-tax profit of 189.4 million pounds. Last year the company was riding high on loss as it had lost 20.9 million pounds. But this year the scenario has completely changed and it has definitely changed for the better. The Cookson chief-executive expressed his hopes that this year the company’s profits will be well higher than last year. He has shown his reliance on steel, electronics and foundry to keep the company’s profits high.

Another one to join this queue of happy profit-makers is Meggitt Plc. The officials announced of a profit of 138.8 million caused by financial investments in equity. The rate of earning has also increased to 27.8 pence from last year’s 25.3 pence. Though the increase is not very remarkable, yet it is not negligible in such times of troubled finances.

However, all the companies have not been lucky enough to make a profit. The queue of unfortunate companies starts with CRH plc. The pre-tax profit has gone down by an alarming 27%. While last year the profit was 732 million Euros, this year the profit has been able to reach a trivial 534 million Euros. The final attempt of the company to fight the low-down is to recommend a final dividend of 44 cents. Shareholders need not be alarmed just now. The company has promised to pay the dividends by May 9, 2011. But, investors must practice further caution not to invest in this company for the time being.

Law Debenture Corp joins CRH Plc in the non-profit-making club. According to experts factors that played a key-role behind the company’s downfall are decrease in total income, gross income and capital gains. Increasing administrative expenses also triggered the loss. The profit has reduced a good 5 million compared to last year. Last year the profit index was 88.83 million and this year it has gone down to 83.89 million. The registered shareholders have been assured to receive their closing dividends by April, 2011.