USA considers that Burger King moving to Canada would not be “fair”

The American government now comment specifically avoided the alleged plans of the company Burger King to buy the Canadian company Tim Hortons, thus moving the tax office, but said he does not consider these actions “a good and fair policy with the middle class “.

“President Barack Obama, speaking generally, does not believe that a company simply change your tax office, filling out a few forms to avoid paying their fair share of taxes, it’s a good policy,” said Josh Earnest, a spokesman for the White House in his daily briefing.

Earnest said that such actions “are certainly not fair to the millions of middle class families in this country who do not have that option.”

Although he never mentioned the name of Burger King, the official answered questions from reporters appeared today on reports that the fast food company is negotiating the purchase of the Canadian chain Tim Hortons.

This acquisition will enable the giant to relocate its fiscal Burger King headquarters in Canada and get a better tax treatment.

In the United States, Burger King is subject to a tax rate of 35% while in Canada the figure is reduced to 15%.

A Treasury spokesman also declined to comment on the company by name, told Efe that the American administration is working to get Congress to kick out a tax reform that includes specific legislation against such maneuvers.

But, meanwhile, is studying measures to limit these activities and their benefits for large companies, he added.

President Obama has criticized the actions of tax relocation of large American corporations and has urged Congress to reform the current tax system to attract companies like Apple and Hewlett-Packard, who have installed part of its operations in countries such as more favorable tax Ireland.

Confirmed the agreement, the two companies would create the third fast food company in the world, with sales of 22,000 million and 18,000 establishments in 100 countries.