Wall Street drives the S &P 500 to a new record

Wall Street ended today with a new high in the S & P 500, which reached the 1997.92 points, in a trading day with significant gains in the other indicators.

The S & P 500 hit today its record number 29 this year, advancing 9.52 points or 0.48%. For the first time, came to exceed 2,000 points an hour after the opening, but lost shortly thereafter, but remained stable in the rest of the session.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the main market indicator, rose 0.44% or 75.65 points, to 17,076.87 points, lie the composite index Nasdaq rose 0.41% or 18.80 points to reach 4557.35 points.

Wall Street rises were in line with the increases that ended with the stock market in Europe, fueled by recent comments made by the president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi.

Last Friday, when they were already closed European markets, Draghi, in a public speech in Wyoming, United States, was willing to implement measures to promote growth after years of austerity have had European public accounts.

Infected with European enthusiasm, and fueled by local news, Wall Street began with gains from the beginning of today’s session, which led to the S & P 500 to reach its intraday record with 2001.95 points, but later gave up some of that advance .

On Wall Street the progress highlighted titles in the fast-food chain Burger King, which won 19.5% on Monday after it announced a merger with Canada’s Tim Hortons and the possibility that tax resident in the neighboring country .

Today was no red in the various sectors of Wall Street. Everyone won, and that was more the energy, 1.16%.

Among the thirty stocks included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, only lost very little, five of them, led by Intel, which was down 0.37%.

But the gains of the Dow Jones group were led by JP Morgan Chase, which rose 1.45%, and behind him another financial institution, Goldman Sachs, which rose 1.37%.

In other markets, the Texas oil fell 0.32% to $ 93.35 a barrel, while gold fell 0.3% to $ 1,276.60 an ounce.

Meanwhile, the yield on the benchmark ten-year Treasury fell slightly to 2.387%, and the dollar fell against the euro, with a change of $ 1.32.