Wall Street makes a stop at this unstoppable rally

Wall Street today stopped his unstoppable trend and made a stop in the meantime “rally” to literally fill up your fuel cheaper in years and worry minimally for a Europe that appeals to monetary stimulus money when the US takes leave of his own .

The records were sabbatical day today and all three indices closed with slight New York park losses, but in no way disturbing but rather as a stop for morning regain his strength if US employment reports continue its upward trend.

The Dow Jones and S & P 500 Selective not repeat the feat twice yesterday, but their losses were minimal. The benchmark even lost his conquered yesterday barrier, the 17,900 points.

Meanwhile, the Nasdaq seemed oblivious to the tendency of his two companions and transited gains for most of the day, but faltered at the last moment.

The reasons that forced stop the run of the records were varied. The first one, oil, now back down and lived a scare when Saudi Arabia, the largest producer of oil in the world, said it would cut prices further its US share of the business, the company Saudi Aramco.

The intention of China would, analysts say, keep your oil hegemony, even if it costs the global devaluation of “black gold”.┬áStill, he did not panic as the decline was limited to erase the slight recovery yesterday.

Meanwhile, Wall Street was misled a bit on the way to the records to look to Europe, where the economic situation remains very volatile and where the monetary authority, Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank said that its delayed until 2015 stimulus for the eurozone.

United States, just recently closed the injection of public money to strengthen markets and led him to the very high levels of contributions where he is now.

Finally, and gearing up for the employment data tomorrow, today it became known that the weekly number of applications for unemployment benefits fell by 17,000 and stood at 297,000 last week, the Labor Department.

Experts had expected a slightly smaller reduction, but not so different as to significantly influenced the course of the bag.