Wall Street remains upbeat awaiting results

Cautious optimism reigned today on Wall Street waiting for this week to present their results a number of giants New York exchange.The three major indices closed in green with moderate gains , helped by the improving economic outlook in the United States.

For the selective S & P 500, which rose 0.38% , the day meant to chain up five consecutive sessions , something that could not since last October.
The day was held calmly in the New York exchange, which opened and closed with moderate gains in a similar , pending the results of Netflix, posted after the bell trend.

Figures from the popular video service demand, which added about 4 million subscribers worldwide in the first three months of the year , promising to turn the company into one of the stars of the morning session .Today, in after-hours electronic trading , shares of Netflix soared and above 6 %.

Companies like Halliburton, with results above expectations, also encouraged today to investors, who remain on the lookout for the figures presented throughout the week several key companies.

Tomorrow they will present their results McDonald’s , Xerox , AT & T and Comcast, among others, while on Wednesday will be the turn of Boeing, Procter and Gamble or Facebook .

Microsoft , Amazon, Starbucks General Motors or give your information on Thursday and Friday will arrive Ford and Honda.

In addition , Wall Street also received good news today index future trend of the U.S. economy that produces The Conference Board .

The index, considered one of the most important when analyzing the coming months, rose for the third month and announced the expected spurt expected in the U.S. economy during the spring and summer, after a hard winter.

The conflict in Ukraine , meanwhile, still not overly worry investors , today appreciated the fact that the events were not precipitated during the weekend despite rising tension.

Today, the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Kiev to support the Ukrainian authorities in their pulse pro-Russian militias in eastern Ukraine.

Biden ‘s trip comes after the exchange of accusations that Kiev and Moscow have starred on the breakdown of the truce declared on Orthodox Easter.