Want To Invest In Something Physical?

Stocks and shares aren’t for everyone. Virtual investments such as cryptocurrency may seem similarly baffling. Investing in something that you can physically touch may offer a greater sense of security to some people than figures on a computer screen. Here are several physical assets worth investing in that could make you a return.  

Real estate

Property is one of the most age-old and reliable forms of investment. There are several ways that you can make money out of real estate. The most popular is to buy a property and rent it out to tenants. By charging more than your monthly mortgage payments you can make a profit. The second riskier approach is to try and ‘flip’ a property. This involves buying a property for a low price, improving it with some renovations and then selling it for a higher value.

Getting involved in real estate investment requires a fair amount of money to lay down the mortgage down payment. A lot of research is also needed into the type of property you buy. Ideally you want something low maintenance – you don’t want to be calling up plumbers and electricians to repair constant faults. You also want it to be in a suitable area, otherwise you may get no tenants or buyers. Buy the right property and you can make a healthy return.

Precious metals

Precious metals include the likes of gold and platinum. Whilst you can buy shares in precious metals, you can also buy these assets in physical form such as a gold ingot or a piece of old jewellery. You can look after this precious metal yourself, or pay to have it looked after by security. Sites like commodity.com offer information on the various precious metals out there. Some are riskier and more complex than others, so it pays to do your research.


Antique dealing is big business. You’ll find antiques everywhere. There may even be old items in your loft that are deemed antiques. Getting into antique investing requires a lot of homework. There are keen communities around certain types of antiques such as vintage cars, old coins, books, furniture and old toys. Getting involved in these communities can help you to understand the antique trade and also open you up to possible clientele.


Anything that can be collected can be worth a lot of money. A full collection in particular can be worth a lot of money. Many people collect as a hobby, but it can also make a great investment. Collections could include anything from stamps to vinyl to Disney VHS tapes to Happy meal toys. The rarer a collectible, generally the more value it is worth. Look out for limited edition items and keep them in good condition.


Wealthy wine lovers pay a lot of money for vintage bottle of wine. These may similarly be limited edition or from a good grape harvest. Keen investors will often buy a crate of a vintage wine. Knowing which wines are worth investing in may involve doing some research through sites like winefolly.com or getting help from a wine aficionado.