Who Has The Information Gets No Power

Best Growth Stock – The trends that move the world today and dramatically changing the relationship between companies and their customers. The concepts of Sir Martin Sorrell, chairman of advertising group WPP.

The information was power. Today it is not because the marginal cost of getting it is zero. “Consumers can obtain it without cost. Now the power is the ability to use data. ” Is what we said Sir Martin Sorrell, chairman of advertising group WPP in a presentation Wednesday in Rio de Janeiro, under the Global Convergence Forum in the consulting firm Accenture.

In addition there are three elements that are radically changing the way companies do business and interact with its customers: new markets, new media and consumer insight.

But additionally, the executive, who is also a member of the Steering Groups of the London Business School, and Cambridge business schools, IESE and Harvard, is four trends are a manifestation of that transformation.

The first trend is a change in the balance of power. No longer is the movement towards the East. “That and we talked in the 90 to China and India” he said. This is one new to the Middle East and Latin America.

“The civets (Colombia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa) are crucially important,” he said. In those places, companies should look for growth in their businesses, he said. “Before it was China, now to be the civets.


The second is a phenomenon of excess capacity in most industries. “In the last three to four years, seem to have lost the capacity to manufacture cars, said to name one example. U.S. capacity has been reduced, but not in the world. “In cars worldwide capacity is 18 million units and that has not changed. Demand is 16 million, which shows that there is overcapacity, “he says. “That’s what happens in most industries,” he added.

This has an important implication in that it is more necessary than ever to get a distinction that allows to gain share in these markets offered, he said.

At the same time with that overcapacity in production, Sir Martin Sorrell is a infracapacidad in people. “Now the restriction is not capital, is about people,” he says. Believes that the usual strategy of taking employees of competition we are sustainable. “That’s why McKinsey or Accenture spend so much time and resources on recruitment.” But also think there will be great pressure for talent in the coming years and companies will have to find very effective ways to attract, motivate and retain employees.

Another important trend is that it generated a greater possibility of disintermediation in business. Clashes between manufacturing investment and trade are resolved differently today. When the pressure becomes too strong, industry go directly to the buyers on-line channels. So at this point is very important to consider issues such as increasing the amount of resources used to maintain alignment of interest groups such as employees and suppliers.

Finally, find a topic of corporate structure. Companies today are globalized more often than before, have become increasingly centralized decisions. Not to lose relevance, must be very sensitive to the local. This involves creating channels of communication from the bottom.

All this set of changes are to be incorporated companies that want to be relevant in the next decade in the world.