Why Invest in a Business Website and Applications

If you are looking for an investment that will be a little more stable than Forex or crypto, consider placing bets on business websites. There are a lot of companies that are nowhere to be found when it comes to web presence. Statistics prove the point – according to Clutch.co, 46% of businesses still don’t have a website.

Does it hurt their income?

A few lucky business owners can strive on having no trace on the web. Enough friends, an attractive point-of-sales, and a few print ads usually do the job. Yet, building a website even for a local business is even more reasonable. Here’s why a dedicated web page is important for businesses.

What a year holds ahead: communication going digital

We could buy things in our own town without having to go to online sales sites. Yet, we’d rather not. Over the last 5 years, one thing became clear: people are getting too lazy to go out and buy stuff. Instead, we prefer to handle as much as possible online – sign up for a doctor’s appointment, pay taxes, etc.

If you want to grow your revenues in the fastest way possible, investing in the web design and development of a business website is the right thing to do. Let’s see what it will help businesses achieve.

Perk #1. Awareness

A lot of business owners with little experience might expect that after giving a few ads, they will be welcoming a whole sack of clients. Later, these hopes crash horribly and businesses die quietly without ever being able to speak up.

The first lesson any business owner should learn is: don’t wait for people to come to you – go to them instead. Giving out print ads is fine, meeting new people and establishing connections is amazing – however, you have to be sure that a business you’re investing in is everywhere, including the Internet. Having a strong web presence will result in the increase of conversion rate which is a goal for any business.

Potential audiences you will reach out to: people who live in an area where you the business has no ads, those who’ll come to your town from a different one, busy working people who don’t have the time to call or pay a visit.

Perk #2. Crafting the brand image

Having an ecommerce website to invest in is great because you control it utterly. Here, you are the one to choose the way to develop the business. Even if you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on search engine optimization, content, and other marketing activities, being able to answer all the questions about your audience on the website comes in handy quite often and can reduce the number of tiresome calls you answer every day.

Perk #3. The clients will get answers 24/7

All business owners need to eat, sleep, and spend time with our families. Quite obviously, being able to answer questions from clients all the time would be physically impossible. Not answering a late call, you might lose a few big clients.

The situation can be avoided, though. Whenever the business owner is not online, he can inform the client with a message that would redirect any questions to the website. That way you’d be winning twice, both providing continuous customer support and increasing the amount of organic traffic on the website.

Perk #4. Remember what you’re working for

It might seem that people write blog posts just to improve user experience and increase the marketing value of the website. However, it’s not always the case. Filling your blog with content is also a way to revisit your own business goals and remind yourself of the higher purpose.

Writing regularly about your business you will learn a lot of skills that are incredibly useful. For one thing, being able to speak about your doings is incredibly attractive for your clients and investors alike. That’s certainly worth all the hustle you’ve put in.

Perk #5. Collect all the credibility proof

You want to invest in a company has things to tell. It’s easier to see if a website is among top ecommerce companies when all of its credibility proofs are posted on the website. However, for your clients, it could be, in fact, a decisive factor in the play.

A website is a perfect place to show off all the proof of your professionalism. Here are a few things you can put out:

  • Customer reviews
  • Press mentions;
  • Awards the company got;
  • New products announcements.

All of the above will make your website more credible – your clients will be able to trust you.

Perk #6. Comes in handy when you’re looking for a job

If apart from your business, you wouldn’t mind a side-hustle, a website is a neat way to show off your professionalism. Here, you can collect all of the items in your portfolio and client testimonials.

Also, when you have a business website, you get to call yourself a webmaster – and that’s something any CV would benefit from.

Finding specialists to develop a website can be difficult, that’s why it makes sense to contact an outstaffing team. To read more about this type of collaboration, visit here.

Business app – a way to keep up in a fast-paced society

It’s not a secret that we live in the age of mobile. Now, even a taxi ride can be turned into an hour of productive work – answering emails, checking off the assignments of your to-do list, and, most of all, scrolling the app.

For a business, an app can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, the development is more expensive than that of a website and you have to fight for a user’s storage space. However, if done right, your app will get loyal followers and might become a new Tinder.

So, do you still need a reason to look for a developer who knows how to develop a mobile app for a business? In that case, we’ve got five.

Reason #1. The market is not yet oversaturated.

There are a lot of apps in both Google Play and App Store. Yet, the market is still all to conquer – and your company can be the one to do it. The mobile technology has entered the market in 2008 – as little as ten years ago.

If you want to embrace mobile technology, it’s better to start now rather than wait until mobile commerce will turn into Wild West.

Reason #2. Apps are attractive for investors

If you want to prove that the business you’re using is solid and you have a development plan, having a website might not be a sufficient proof of your intentions. The app, on the other hand, is harder to create – so if you do, your head is clearly in the game and your business is here to stay.

If you want your pitch deck to rock, create an app for your business, or, at least, an MVP that can showcase your business in the best way possible.

Reason #3. Getting to know clients better

The reason why best business apps are doing so well is that they provide a lot of customer data. The information about the behavior of your potential clients can be crucial when choosing a development vector for your business especially if you have cross-platform mobile apps.

What info do you get? For instance, you’ll know what regions are interested in your products, what are the needs of app visitors, and what features of the app are the most needed and used.

Reason #4. Increase customer-brand engagement

CNN has provided us with amazing statistics – it turns out, an average American spends 10 hours per day in front of the mobile screen. It’s good news for mobile app marketing – seeing that a huge chunk of this time goes into scrolling through apps – that’s why they have 85% more engagements than websites.

Sure, it will be harder for you to get users since there are more actions to perform. However, once you have those interested in the app, they are likely to become your DAU (daily active users). This data is the one that matters to investors more than the number of one-time visitors.

Reason #5. Expand the range of data with localization

Take a look at how Facebook and Instagram use localization to provide people with connection possibilities. This way, they also get advanced demographic statistics that is later used for advertising.

Think about a way a business you invest in can benefit from localization data to boost mobile sales. Perhaps, it would allow you to notify the visitors about an event the company is planning in a particular area, the opening of a new shop, etc.

Obviously, before you ask app visitors for localization or any other data, be sure it’s really needed for your business – you wouldn’t want to spook a potential client with too many permissions. Still, knowing that you have the access to the feature is liberating for business owners.


  • Even if you plan to invest in a local business where an office and a network is the most important things to invest in, web presence wouldn’t hurt the company one bit.
  • A website will allow you to get rid of cold calls that ultimately just waste your time, prove the credibility of your company, and have your client’s back all the time.
  • Think of another way to increase mobile sales – an app. In the age of mobile, ignoring apps could be a mistake. By scaling to Google Play or App Store, a business can grow the engagement level, all without having to suffer from tremendous competition.