Why You Should be Shouting About Your Business

If you run your own business, you should be fully aware of the importance of marketing. How many times have you heard that marketing is essential to success because unless potential customers know about you, they won’t be able to use your services? You’ve no doubt got your marketing plan in place, and are executing your carefully thought out strategy so that you ensure as many people as possible know about your business. That’s perfectly right and proper, and if you have a good plan you should start to achieve some return on your investment; but are you aware that you could be neglecting a very influential element of your message?

Shout to Make Yourself Heard

There’s a whole world of competition out there, all fighting for its share of your market. Every one of them is trying to communicate to the people who would be interested in buying their products and services, and every one of them is trying to prove that they are the ones the consumer should choose. How do you make yourself heard above all their voices? By shouting the loudest. Now obviously that doesn’t mean literally taking to the streets with a loudspeaker, but it does mean doing the equivalent through your advertising and public relations activities. You have to make your advert the most eye-catching, your offer the most alluring and your message the most memorable. Think about some of the most successful television advertising campaigns and what they were selling. There are some that are beautifully crafted and exquisitely shot, and you may well remember the advert, but do you remember what the product was? Now, how about the incredibly irritating ad with the jingle that sticks in your head; which one comes to mind when you’re out shopping? You might like the arty ad, but the product being sold by the irritating ad is the one you’re more likely to buy.

Shout Because Your Business is Worth Shouting About

You must believe in your business to be putting so much time, effort and money into making it a success. If you didn’t have faith that your products or your service were the best, you wouldn’t have invested so much into them. So why would you be shy and retiring about telling people how great you are? You may not be an extrovert kind of personality that enjoys getting out face to face with people and pushing your business. After all, not all entrepreneurs are great salespeople. The thing is, you don’t need to be a brilliant salesperson to tell people how great you are. Make it part of your message, a part of your marketing strategy and company profile. Be proud of what you can do and what sets you apart from your competitors. If you don’t do it, you can’t expect anyone else to; if you haven’t got the confidence to say you’re the best then why should anyone else believe that you are?

How to Shout

It’s not a great idea to go around screaming at people on the street, and neither is it a good idea to adopt that sort of approach in your marketing. You need to avoid the kind of language and expression that is the equivalent of grabbing someone by the lapels and shouting in their face. Think about the different way you feel when you get an email or text message that is written in capitals. Even if you aren’t conscious of it, you can’t help but hear words written in upper case as a shout, and it can feel quite aggressive. If those same words were written in lower case but embellished with funny cartoons, you would probably have an entirely different reaction to it. Now apply this same logic to your advertising. Use language and graphics that grab the attention and intrigue the observer, so in effect, you are inviting them rather than ordering them.

What to Shout About

You should be advertising anything that will resonate with your prospective customers. Your main message should be all about your USP, the key factor that makes you stand out, but anything that reinforces that message and speaks to the quality and desirability of your product or service is also worth making a fuss about. If you run an engineering firm and you use the most ecologically sound materials, that’s something people will be interested in. Maybe you use locally manufactured components, or you import the highest quality stainless steel fittings from a specialist supplier like Custom Fittings Ltd. Maybe you donate a proportion of your profits to charity, or you sponsor local events. Whatever you have that you can use to help create and reinforce the image you are trying to present is worth shouting about.

Being Comfortable With Confidence

No-one likes an arrogant attitude, as it is alienating and counter-productive, and it could be the fear of coming across as arrogant that holds you back from demonstrating confidence. Arrogance and confidence are two entirely separate things. Confidence is believing you have a great product and offer that is everything you claim it to be. Arrogance is believing you’re the best even when the evidence is against you. Confidence inspires customers; arrogance puts them off. If you are confident in your service and something goes wrong, you hold up your hands, say how sorry you are and fix the problem immediately. That shows you have the ability to listen and learn, and that you are genuinely trying to do your best. If you are arrogant, you’ll dismiss any complaints and negative feedback because you couldn’t possibly be in the wrong. Don’t be afraid to show how confident you are because you fear this will be interpreted as arrogance. Customers can tell the difference, so there’s no reason to hold back!

If you still aren’t comfortable with the idea of shouting about your business, make use of people who are. Staff and marketing services can sometimes do a better job of presenting that positive, confident image, so use whatever means suit you and your business best, but don’t neglect the importance of promoting your business with a rallying call.