Your Key To Success: Career in Forex

Becoming a successful trader with a career in the Forex market is one of the most profitable pursuits imaginable. The Forex market is enormous, with over $5 trillion traded daily. This Forex guide explains the benefits of the fast-changing pace in the global markets. Forex trading offers savvy investors many profitable opportunities with nearly unlimited possibilities for wealth creation.

Best Forex Traders

The world’s top currency traders achieved legendary status by their outrageous successes; however, all of them started with very little. Bruce Kovner made his first trade when he was 32 years old by borrowing on a credit card. In 1982, he started Caxton Alternative Management and built it up to over $14 billion in assets. Bill Lipschutz started his investment career with only $12,000. He joined Salomon Brothers in 1984 to become a part of their new Forex trading department. One year later, he made $300 million for the firm.

Andrew Krieger made $300 million in profits for Banker’s Trust by shorting the New Zealand dollar during the time of the market collapse called “Black Monday” that happened in 1987. George Soros is Jewish. He escaped from Hungary when it was occupied by the Nazis. He began his trading career in 1970 with little money. After working very hard to acquire significant trading skills, he made $1 billion profit by shorting the English pound sterling in 1992. This nearly broke the Bank of England in the process. Over the past fifty years, Soros made $50 billion in profits from currency trading.

The enormous success of these traders, who all came from humble beginnings, should encourage every investor to try a career in Forex. Forex trading is the one career that allows anyone to start with a small position and then, based on their skills and dedication, to have the possibility of amassing a fortune.

Advice for New Forex Traders

The website is a good resource for newcomers to track trends, to find the best brokers for beginners, and to learn how to trade. New traders benefit from studying Forex trading books. They should be careful in selecting Forex trading brokers. They should also “paper” trade at first, without risking any real money, by learning how to use Forex trading tools until they are confident in their trading strategy.

The Pros and Cons of Forex Trading

The pros of Forex trading include the constant, global, market activity. There is the ability to use significant leverage and the option to trade from anywhere that has high-speed connectivity to the Internet.

The cons include the constant shifting of markets, which requires significant attention to benefit from the changes. Self-motivation is an important characteristic for those that are looking for the freedom of self-employment. It is important to work with recommended Forex brokers that have a good reputation. Successful currency speculators need to have a solid strategy for their Forex trading practice. Moreover, they need to utilize the best Forex platform to execute the strategy. These are the key components that create success.


Trading in the Forex market is open to anyone who has the dedication to learn the skills necessary to succeed. Joining the ranks of the world’s top currency traders is very rewarding. The Forex market is the largest trading market in the world that dwarfs all the other commodity, stock, and bond markets combined. Go to a reliable broker to get started with an exciting career in Forex trading.