Your Rights as an Employee

It’s important to have a job that provides stability. It’s equally vital, however, to be treated well at work. If you are unhappy at your workplace, it may not be all in your head. Knowing your rights as an employee helps you be a better advocate for yourself and others.

Wrongful Discipline or Termination

Your company likely has clear policies for how employees are expected to conduct themselves. Your job description and supervisor outline the specific things that are expected of you in the job. At any rate, it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure these expectations are communicated clearly so that everyone has a chance to comply. If you are disciplined unfairly or fired without due cause, you have the right to fight back. Labour lawyers Toronto can advise you according to your specific case and help you take the necessary legal action to support your rights.

Harassment or Discrimination

No type of harassment is acceptable in the workplace. Canadian employers are required to post their sexual harassment policies, and they must include strict rules against any unwanted or power-based conduct of a sexual nature. It is also not okay to be passed over for promotions or circumvented in any way because of factors such as age, race, gender or sexual orientation. You are not required to tolerate any actions that make you feel uncomfortable, uneasy or unsafe. Harassment and discrimination policies should also include clear guidelines for reporting such behavior to your employer and outline the process for dealing with such instances.

General Labour Standards

Employment in Canada comes with general rights that are guaranteed to every worker. For example, every federally regulated worker is entitled to paid vacations (amounts vary according to longevity) and paid federal holidays off. Employers must keep employee records for a certain amount of time. Any employer suspected to be in violation of labour standards is subject to an investigation that starts with written warnings and can escalate up to legal prosecution. It’s important to understand what your overall rights as an employee are as well as how to address violations of those rights when they occur.

All workers deserve the chance to thrive in a safe, equitable work environment. When your employer does not adhere to standards or uphold your rights, you may need to advocate for yourself. Understanding what you have the right to expect from your boss is the first step.